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Activating free ssl with cloudflare

What is cloudflare?

Cloudflare is an online platform that perform web services such as web security, and many more. With cloudflare, you can keep your website visitors safe so your site will be considered as legit and trusted by all your regular users. even though cloudflare offer premium services, but one of their free services include free ssl.

What is ssl?

SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer; which mean the authentication of website identity through digital certificate tat create encrypted links from web server to the users browser. This is what we call encrypted connection that secure the data transfer from server to browser.

How to activate free ssl using cloudflare

To activate free ssl on cloudflare, you need to visit cloudflare website and sign up, or if you on ready have account then login.


  • On the dashboard menu click on add website, and enter url of your website or blog.
  • scroll down and select free plan in the next step which is ok for our tutorial.
  • Proceed to the next step, where you will copy nameservers that you are required to replace with your previous one on the domain provider.
  • After saving the nameservers, come back to cloudflare to verify DNS, and that is all.
  • Navigate to DNS in cloudflare dasboard and activate ssl to start enjoying free ssl.

free ssl using cloudflare


In our tutorial, we have study that everyone can activate ssl for his blog or website using cloudflare. Cloudflare is the reliable source to get free ssl forever as the company will never shutdown their services the more internet remain existing on the earth. If you have any question or enquiry try to let us know through our contact page. We are always available to response to your request as soon as you reach us out, and we will help.

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