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Best way to change album art in music

Best way to change album art in music

Adding album artwork in a music is always done by music editors before releasing the album, but in some cases we may need to change the album art to fit our branding. In this turorial, we are going to discuss on Best way to change album art in music.

What is music album art?


Album art is an image added to the music that serve as a display while playing the song in any audio player. The album art is use to describe the author or the main album of the song. Sometimes bloggers that upload music to their blogs use the same method to add banner of their website in the music.


How to add album art in music?

There is several ways to add album art in a music in our case, we are going to use an Android application call STAR TAG MUSIC EDITOR.

The process are as follow:

  • Download star tag music editor from Google Playstore.
  • Start the application and allow all the required permissions.
  • Select the music directly or select from the folder.

  • Now you can see the new page with image at the left side and other options in the right hand side.
  • From the options, click on choose photo and navigate to your desire picture and select it.
  • Click save button to the upper right corner of your phone.
  • Enter the album name and click on save button from the right corner of the promoting window.

  • Congratulations, we have successfully added a new picture in our album art.

Confirming work of star tag music editor

To confirm our work is successful, we may need to play music with any music player so that if our work is really successful , the image we have added earlier will display in the player.

Best way to change album art in music

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