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Best way to free up space in adroid by clearing caches

Using an Android device as a store to keep our files is common as mobile became our life partner. Some times we use to keep saving files on our Android device local storage until they are full. In this turorial, we have bring the Best way to free up space in android by clearing caches, and without loosing our app data or any other important files.

Best way to free up space in android

Having your your phone storage full is really messed, but cleaning up the storage to retrieve some spaces is perfect. There is many ways we can follow to free up space in our mobile device which include deleting unwanted and old files, removing movies we have watched, and installing applications.

The above methods work fine when it served as our best choice. But sometimes we may have face a problem of low storage in our Android phone, while all the files and applications we have are useful and it is not best choice for us to remove them. As a result, we have come up with a method of cleaning storage to have a free space without loosing any file or app.

Cleaning cache file to free space in android

Cache files are found underneath the application as we operate them time to time. This cache files are occupying space in our device without our knowledge. This is why it has been very important to consider caches while seeking a space in our device.

Steps to Clean cache file in Android

There are many procedures we can use to clean up the cache files on our device. Even though the processes is varies depending on the Android version, in our case we are following the steps that work on Android version 10 and above.

Best way to free up space in adroid by clearing caches
Best way to free up space in adroid by clearing caches
  • Long press the application you wanted to clear it cache
  • From the resulting dialogue, select application details, or a rounded icon with exclamation mark in the center
Best way to free up space in adroid by clearing caches
Best way to free up space in adroid by clearing caches
  • From the resulting menu, navigate to storage & cache click on it

  • In hhe next window, you will see a cache option with it value in the right hand side.
  • Select it and confirm to clear a cache file of that particular application you have selected. You can repeat this method on all the apps you use regularly so that you will have more free space on your Android phone.

What is the benefit of clearing caches to free up space in adroid?

As we have made mention in the above, deleting files to obtain space in adroid is not progency selection especially when it comes to important files. Cleaning caches of browsers and any other installed apps will provide you a free space in your local store of your Android phone. But the most interesting part of clearing cache is that, user will have a space in his device while he never delete any important file or app in his device.

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