Hosting Tutorial

Hosting tutorial

Working with cpanel, direct admin, plesk etc became bit complicated especially to beginners and those that didn’t have programming and website development experience. In this section we will try al our best to bring you hosting tutorial that will be solution to any problem you are facing especially in the following sections:

Cpanel hosting

Cpanel hosting is an online space shared by hosting companies to provide a storage for to those who wish to published their websites and blogs. In cpanel there is hundred of options, settings and web applications that people use for their website development. i this section we will be presenting a tutorials that will help you understand how to work with cpanel easily.

Direct Admin hosting

Direct admin hosting is like cpanel hosting, but there is some little features that make them different. Users who are familiar with cpanel hosting when it come to direct admin they may find some complicated issues. In this section we will be bringing fully tutorials on how to work with direct admin hosting.

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