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Creating web mail from cpanel: All you need to know

How to create business email address for your website

What is web mail?

Web mail refers to a mail that has been created with the custom domain and served as business mail for that particular domain name. The mail work normally like any other mails in terms of all mail functionalities like sending and receiving messages. Most of web mails are specifically design to manage website activities like allowing users to send mails to the domain administrators for comment, request and inquiries. Web mail comes with name given to the mail, followed by the @ sign then the full domain address. Example=

How to create web mail from cpanel

Creating web mails from cpanel is very simple and easy. Therefore any one can create it in few steps. The only thing is to make sure that your hosting company offer web mail service so that your mail will work fine after you create it. Below are the steps to follow in creating the mail for your domain.

creating web mail from cpanel

  • From your cpanel scroll down and locate an option that say email accounts, then click on it.
  • From the resulting menu, click on button that says ‘create’ and proceed to the next step of creating our mail.
  • creating web mail from cpanel
  • From the resulting menu, choose a specific domain you wanted to create mail for.
  • scroll down and enter the name you choose to give your mail, and come down to the password column to set password for your mail and continue.

creating web mail from cpanel

  • Now scroll down and click on create button, we have successfully create our mail for our website.

Our next tutorial is how to set email forwarding with our web mail. Please if you find this tutorial informative and educating share it to your social media as it will help others to have awareness of it.

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